Due to world condition the event is postponed.

Hopefully we can meet at later time, maybe October or when the world is in better shape.

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New York – 26 March 2020 POSTPONED

Morgan Stanley Building

Boston – 23 March 2020 POSTPONED

Back Bay Meeting, Conference & Training Center


IT ScaleUp – find IT knowledge
IT ScaleOut – scale your IT Department


– IT Executives looking for a way to get IT knowledge and IT skills

(Business Processes, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Identity Security, BigData Processing and IT Cloud Operations)

– IT Executives looking for scaling IT department, IT team, IT offshoring or IT outsourcing

Why should I go

To learn how to get IT skill sets You need and scale Your IT Team based on our US and International Customers cooperation experience.


Executives of Poland based IT Companies


Each talk is about 15min + 5min Q&A – to extract most important benefits you can get out of it. Lunch and networking later to get the interesting details.


08:45 AM – 09:00 AM – Registration and Coffee
09:00 AM – 09:15 AM – Opening
09:20 AM – 09:40 AM – (Boston only) Managing multi-timezone IT Operation Teams
09:20 AM – 09:40 AM – (NY only) Short term cash/currency management

09:40 AM – 10:00 AM – How we have built Shareablee Offshore IT Department (+Q&A)
10:00 AM – 10:20 AM – SaaS system integration scale out with remote teams (+Q&A)
10:20 AM – 10:40 AM – Model your way to Business Innovation (+Q&A)
10:40 AM – 11:30 PM – Lunch
11:30 AM – 01:00 PM – Networking

Special Boston guest speaker

Managing multi-timezone IT Operation Teams

Operating on scale from Boston, in 24/7 environment delivering quality IT platform is a challenge itself. To achieve high standards of delivery and great IT operations coverage, offshore/outsourcing teams across the world can be used.

With great power comes great responsibility. Let’s look at various teams and locations to see what are the advantages or differences and how we can mix couple of environments to work together bringing most value.

Special New York guest speaker

Short term cash/currency management

Working across borders delivering working solutions to customers, sometimes creates some issues on our side. Let’s take a look at few typical situations that Founders and Executives faces every day and see what are practical options to go through them.

Everything from currency exchange, foreign exchange transactions, raising assets for company growth and putting company up for sale or even managing private funds for company executives. All practical examples.

Special New York guest

How we have built Shareablee Offshore IT Department

For Shareablee we have built IT Department in Poland.

From Web Team, Backend, through DevOps up to Customer support. Recently we are starting Sales Team as well!

What are the biggest advantages of having IT offshore department and what are the trade offs that you must be aware of when building such.

Lets take a look at what are big wins and worries of such setup.

Jonathan is our special guest on New York event so you have first hand experience of what we do.

SaaS system integration scale out with remote teams

When building a SaaS platform or a cloud-based product you will most likely have to take care of dozens or hundreds of integrations with 3th party software/data providers. How to scale out teams and processes and do it a cost/time effective way? Check out how we’ve helped Insly and Doctena in scaling out their web based ecosystems.

Doctena – Brussels-based medical appointment booking platform that allows doctors to offer online booking for their patients. They take care of the integration between their SaaS platform and a multitude of APIs of various healthcare providers.

Insly – one of the fastest growing European InsurTech startups. Tallinn-based software solution for insurance intermediaries – agents and brokers. They provide a data exchange platform integrated with APIs of multiple insurance companies.

Model your way to Business Innovation

Blending business and technological expertise, QuantUp brings AI-driven solutions your company needs to unlock new opportunities–optimizing processes, building new products, and increasing profits.

Put Your AI Product Development On Steroids

Support at all stages of an AI product lifecycle – from discovery and validation to rollout and beyond–we will help you to increase the speed and efficiency of your AI product development efforts.

Model Your Way to Business Process Optimization

All our projects start with thorough understanding of your business goals and specific requirements. It is only then that we create a bespoke strategy and start selecting the right tools and tactics–always focusing on your needs.

Fuel Your Innovation With Competence Building

All our courses are tailored to match your specific requirements–we support you, no matter if your business is only beginning to discover the full spectrum of AI benefits, or already have a dedicated solution in place.

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